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Innovation is seen as the driver for future competitiveness and sustainability for companies, institutions and organisations of all sizes. The globalisation and the increased pressure from competitors all over the world ushers in the need for companies to have an enhanced capability of translating current - as well as future - needs for customers into new processes, products and services.


While it is apparent to many organisations that innovation is crucial for survivability and competitiveness, it is simultaneously a complex task to manage, as it implies careful understanding of market mechanisms, technological development, strategic insight, organisational skills, entrepreneurial drive and creativeness.


The Master of Science (MSc) programme in Innovation Management combines these disciplines, providing competences for the students on:


  • How innovation systems work, including innovation policies in a global context
  • How to analyse the need for different activities that can enhance the innovation capabilities of companies and organisations
  • How to formulate strategies/policies at company/macro level, including the execution of initiatives for innovation






Career Opportunities


Companies have an increased focus on innovation and business development as part of their strategic and operational actions and Innovation Management candidates will be qualified to guide and lead these processes.


The programme will furthermore provides knowledge on entrepreneurship, equipping candidates to start up own companies.


Finally, the programme in Innovation Management qualifies the candidate to participate in top level research in the field of Innovation, opening opportunities in both an academic career and strategic positions in the public domain.


Taking your education in China strengthens your profile in the job market, where you as a candidate with a double degree will have a competitive edge globally.


Admission Requirements


A BSc in Economics and Business Administration. Students with other backgrounds may also qualify for enrolment, but this will be based on an individual assessment.


You apply through Aalborg University.

See full description of the MSc programme at the AAU website




Jimmi Normann Kristiansen, PhD fellow, Aalborg University

Phone: +45 9940 8047



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