MSc in Neuroscience & Neuroimaging

Specialise in solving the mysteries of the human brain

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Neuroscience has in the past decades emerged as a fast expanding field of expert studies that encompass and combine other scientific fields from molecules to imaging.


Presently, Neuroimaging is developing at a very rapid pace and is relevant to a number of health science disciplines where it has a great impact on the understanding, diagnosis and possible treatment of different devastating neurological diseases.


Study profile


The Master of Science (MSc) programme in Neuroscience and Neuroimaging unites the most recent research with modern technology and problem-oriented learning methods. The unique combination of advanced imaging techniques and a broad knowledge in basic and clinical neuroscience topics enables the students to join the growing field of neuroscience and neuroimaging as well as fill the rising demand for graduates with a specialization in neuroimaging due to the increasing worldwide availability of high-resolution scanners.




Admission Requirements


Students with a relevant Bachelor's degree can apply for the MSc programme, e.g.:.


  • Passed mathematics and digital signal processing and analysis. Eligible degrees include technical BSc degrees e.g. Electro-, Healthcare Technology-, Biomedical-Engineering, and Medicine and Technology Engineering as well as some natural science BSc degrees e.g. Physics, Nanoscience, Medical chemistry, or equivalent.
  • Passed neuroanatomy and physiology. Eligible BSc degrees include: Medicine, Pharmacology, Biomedicine, Molecular Medicine, Molecular Biomedicine, or equivalent.
  • Passed physiology and mathematics. Eligible BSc degrees include: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, or equivalent.


You apply through Aarhus University. For additional information and th see the full description of the MSc programme, visit Aarhus University's website 




Kim Ryun Drasbek, Head of Educational Programme

Phone: +45 7846 4407




Project Coordinator Kim Ryun Drasbek tells more about the degree in Neuroscience(Danish only)