MSocSc in Public Management & Social Development

The MSc in Public Management and Social Development educates you to be an interlink between European and Chinese development.

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The Master of Social Science (MSocSC) in Public Management and Social Development addresses the global diversity and development of welfare policies and institutions. In this programme, you will be among the very first to acquire hands-on, extensive knowledge of welfare state models and institutions in Denmark and China.


Gain practical knowledge


The programme provides you with theoretically based and empirical knowledge of Chinese and European societies, cultures, organizations, institutions and practices.

The courses disseminate theories about concrete conditions and integrate aspects of political science, administration, sociology and finance in a new interdisciplinary framework.


The MSc in Public Management and Social Development combines academic teaching with the opportunity to do a project in close collaboration with a private Danish or International private company or public organisation based in China.


Study in China


Well on its way to becoming the largest economy in the world, China is the next breeding ground for developing new and innovative ways of thinking in relation to the welfare state model and its future applications and configurations. The MSc in Public Management and Social Development at SDC will give you a unique profile, a strong competitive edge in your future career and allow you to form social and professional networks to broaden your cultural horizon. Moreover, you'll experience a society undergoing mind-blowingly rapid change, offering firsthand insights that may prove invaluable to you as well as your future employer.




Your future career


The MSc in Public Management and Social Development will train students to:


  • gain fundamental knowledge of the institutions of the welfare state
  • be aware of different systems of society, cultures and institutional complexes
  • be internationally oriented
  • have a strong competence in methodology
  • possess broad knowledge of the interaction between the public and the private sector in different society systems
  • be able to work with the development of the welfare state


Admission Requirements


Admission to the MSc in Public Management and Social Development is based on a successful Bachelor's degree within the field of social sciences. Applicants, who do not hold a Bachelor's degree within the social sciences, will have their application assessed on an individual basis.

You apply through CBS.

See full description of the MSc programme at the CBS homepage



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