Collaboration with the industry

Collaboration with the industry is a cornerstone in SDC's education and research activities.

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Students can receive training through internships and thesis collaboration whereas researchers can work with company labs on commercializing results and access state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, companies can use SDC to access talents and resources at Danish universities and China's leading national institution for science, technology and innovation: Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and UCAS. 


Industry partners
As part of the development of the first four MSc educational programmes, SDC is involving a range of Danish companies to ensure that the students become acquainted with how these companies operate in China including existing areas of business, potential R&D activities as well as requirements/expectations of future employees. This is important as the same companies are expected to be future employers of the SDC candidates. 

SDC is also exploring possibilities for collaborating with Chinese companies - particularly Chinese companies that either produces to, buy from or in other ways collaborate with Danish companies in China. 

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