SDC in Science Magazine: On the Horizon

Executive director of Sino-Danish Center, Hans Gregersen, interviewed by Science Magazine about global research and education.


From the article:


To make international exchanges easier, many universities are establishing a physical presence in another country, particularly in Asia. In 2010, the eight Danish universities and the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences created the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research near Beijing. Work has begun on a new building for the center, which has a goal of 100 researchers, 100 Ph.D. students, and 300 Master's students by the end of 2013. European and Chinese students gain research experience on collaborative projects and take classes together in English, led by Danish and Chinese professors.


´╗┐"Personally, I think it's a great opportunity for students," says Hans Gregersen, executive director of the Sino-Danish Center. "They'll get a degree with Danish and Chinese accreditation and multicultural experience. We hope they'll learn the language. About 500 Danish companies are active in China, and we think these and other companies will want to employ our students after they graduate."


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