The SDC Christmas party 2012

And Christmas time came to Beijing! Though we are far away from the cultures, where Christmas is considered the most important season of the year, SDC still had a wonderful celebration of the season.


The Christmas party was based on Danish traditions, with elements from the Chinese culture incorporated to make the celebration complete.


The party was arranged the Zhong Dan Team which is the SDC students' social club. The Zhong Dan Team aims to bring SDC students together to interact and have fun, so for the Zhong Dan Team the holiday season seemed like the perfect excuse for a party. And a party it was! The Chinese students got a chance to see how Christmas is celebrated in Denmark, and a little hint of homesickness was spurred in the Danish students, by bringing the traditions from home out east. The most important goal of the Christmas party was, though, to recreate a lot of the special Danish concept 'hygge' - cosy togetherness and relaxation with the people you care for.




The celebrations started in the afternoon, where hours were spent on making Christmas decorations for the Christmas three. The art of plaiting paper hearts and stars was shared, and the traditional Danish Christmas decorations got a new twist with the Chinese traditions of making paper lotus flowers and other beautiful decorations. The afternoon was also spent baking and decorating Christmas cakes, and it began to dawn on the Chinese that Danish Christmas has one major focus: Eating!


The night was filled with the smell of roast duck and red cabbage form the traditional Danish Christmas dinner. The students performed on stage, first from the Scandinavian tradition of the lucia procession, where a train of white clad girls sing about bringing the light out in the dark times. Next He Kunyi played traditional Chinese music on the Pi Pa, a Chinese string instrument that filled the room with the most harmonious sounds.




After desert everyone gathered for dancing and singing around the Christmas tree. The songs in both English Danish and Chinese were enjoyed despite the untraditional element of having about 100 people to walk around a 1.2 meter high tree. The long day ended with an energy boost during the present game. Everyone had brought a small gift for the game, and the dices rolled with great speed in the struggle to get the best and the most presents.


And what a wonderful day it was - to share traditions, talks and laughs and enjoy the company of the lovely SDC students and teachers in the holiday times.