Proposals for research activities, which can strengthen SDC's activities within its five research areas and the related Master's programmes, may be considered for support from the SDC. In general SDC allocates funding once annually. However, excess funds can be applied for continuously.


Support from SDC is only provided for activities carried out in China and covers expenses for travel, accommodation and payroll costs in accordance with the guidelines established in the Compensation Structure (in Danish, only).


SDC's five research areas are each overseen by a Principal Coordinator. We recommend that you contact her/him prior to application. Regardless of prior contact with the relevant Principal Coordinator, the application must include short description of the proposed project and its output, information regarding the Chinese partner/possible Chinese partner and an indication of the duration of the research stay in China.


Private Foundations

A.P. Møllers Almene Fond 

Velux Foundation  (special focus on Humanities and Social Sciences)

Otto Mønsted Foundation  (special focus on Danish Industry and Business)